Project Description

Brandwood Clinic

How we helped Brandwood change people’s lives

Bang On Brand are the lead agency involved in the conceptualisation, launch and brand evolution for the award winning Brandwood Clinic.

Brandwood Clinic was founded on the ambition to become the world’s leading Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatment clinic, the ground-breaking solution to the problem of thinning hair and baldness in both men and women. Since its launch the Brandwood Clinic brand has extended to a second clinic in Cape Town, South Africa, with more openings on the horizon and become an internationally recognised training centre for new practitioners.

Brandwood Clinic’s identity is forged around the unforgettable history of Simon Lane. Simon suffered third degree burns as a two-year-old in the kitchen of his home in Brandwood Road, Birmingham. Following a period of temporary measures including a hairpiece and eventually a transplant, Simon was urged to consider SMP. He was treated by Paul Clark, the two became firm-friends and Simon became an advocate of the treatment studying under Paul to become a top practitioner of this art.

As two of the most talented and experienced SMP experts, Paul & Simon developed many of the techniques in use today. They have trained over 100 technicians, including some of the brightest talent in the business.

At the heart of the brand concept for Brandwood Clinic is the ability of SMP to change the lives of the individuals it treats  and the over-arching professional ambience and impression of excellence that is presented in its clinics. This is evident in the consideration given to the interior design, its professional website design and marketing assets, through to the detail of the staff uniforms.